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Functional Festivities

Sep 03, 12 Functional Festivities

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Having a good weekend? Mine’s been a lovely mix of super productive, and crazy lazy.. that’s how long weekends are suppose to be right?! Saturday rocked with a great mix of yoga and workouts, fun and food (ok maybe too much food). A friend and I went to see Josh Turner at ACL Live. If you’re ever in Austin and have...

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Savory Breakfast Bowl

Aug 31, 12 Savory Breakfast Bowl

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Usually I’m a sweet tooth all the way, and it’s no different for breakfast. 9 times out of 10 I’ll choose a protein shake, pancakes, oatmeal with vanilla and cinnamon, french toast, etc for breakfast. But every so often savory is exactly what I’m craving. As was the case the other morning. I just so happened...

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Power Packed Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Aug 29, 12 Power Packed Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

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Yup.. I’m not use to working out on a regular basis.. I hurt! haha.. but a deserved sore everywhere sorta hurt. Today I did an 80 minute Power Vinyasa class. My stiff and sore self was not wanting to move at first but of course by the end I was feeling better. Frankly though, yoga’s been a mental battle lately....

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From Silver to Blue

Aug 28, 12 From Silver to Blue

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It was a bittersweet day.. My car that I’ve had for 10 years decided to tucker out last week. I’ve been shopping around and today it’s lovely blue replacement joined my little family (as in me and my cat killer :p) I’ve had that first car since senior year of high school.. it’s driven from Seattle to...

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Next Day

Aug 27, 12 Next Day

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Fitness Killer spin class tonight. Well actually it was “Total Cycle,” or in other words super spin with a variety of shoulder presses and curls thrown in. Yeah basically I got my butt kicked! Kicked as in heart rate at 180 within 10 minutes, then stayed there for the next 50.. have I mentioned I’m out of shape?...

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One Day at a Time

Aug 27, 12 One Day at a Time

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Hi all! How was your weekend? Did ya’ll see all the posts on Facebook coming from the WBFF World Championships and FAP Superbody? I must say, per usual, I was inspired. At the same time, after talking to a couple friends and reading an article in Oxygen I realize that it happens to all of us.. sometime we stop practicing what...

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Lightened Lemon Loaf and New Additions!

Aug 25, 12 Lightened Lemon Loaf and New Additions!

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Hello friends! How have you been? If you’re reading from RSS, click over and see what I’ve been up to.. or if you’re reading “live,” then what do you think? I’ve been missing making updates and changes around the blog.. so now it’s time to get to actually posting! Besides the design change I...

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Just in Case – Super Quick Sweet Treats

Jul 24, 12 Just in Case – Super Quick Sweet Treats

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You probably shouldn’t make these.. but just in case you wake up with an urge to make, eat, then immediately disperse a super sweet, delicious, indulgent and crazy easy to make baked treats.. then I got something for ya 😉 After my 8 day yoga teacher training intensive where I pretty much was hungry the whole time (my...

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