2010 Coming At Ya

It’s going to be a big year! Whether I’m ready or not (well I guess technically I could still fail all my classes in the last trimester, but I don’t see that happening), I’ll be graduating in May, which brings with it a whole slew of other rather life changing scenarios…

These are a couple of the questions lingering in my head.. and frankly stressing me out!

Question #1: How will I pay rent.. and gym memberships.. come May?

Question #2: How will I balance School x 2 (MBA program & Institute for Integrative Nutrition program), Workouts (NPC Jr. Nationals in June!), Job search (gahhh?), current Internship, having something suggestive of a Social Life (a date more than once every 6 months would be an improvement).

Once I figure those 2 little things out the rest is cake! .. I  mean protein shake! righhhtt ..


I take New Year’s Resolutions quite seriously, so deciding on them is a big deal. For example, last year my resolution was to compete in a fitness competition :) I’ve seen a lot of blogs lately talking against resolutions, especially those of the “get in shape” or “loose weight” kind. But I think it totally depends on the person. I’ve had both of those resolutions, and kept them! But this year, instead of having one big resolutions, I think I’m going to have a bunch of goals, of varying degrees…

Big/General  Things

  • Receive my MBA
  • Do my personal best at Jr. Nationals
  • Start seeing clients as a holistic health coach, specializing in Fitness
  • Actually have $ saved at the end of the year
  • Travel internationally


  • Compete at Jr. Nationals at ~118 lbs and <8% body fat
  • H20: Get that gallon a day! I notice a world of difference in my energy, digestion and appetite.
  • Limit fake sugars: Hi, my name is Alyson and I’m a sugar-free syrup and Stevia -aholic… hi Alyson. It’s true. Tea’s a great substitute but adding tones of fake sugar counters my good intent.
  • Run 10 miles.. straight
  • Be more creative in the kitchen – specifically, try a completely new recipe each week (excepting during cutting)

I know there’s so much more, but I’ll just add it in as I go along :)

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I got my distance learning package in the mail yesterday! Look at all this learning loot..

The iPod has all the classes for the year on it.. craziness, lots of exciting work ahead. And in the box came: 5 books, 3 DVDs, a bookmark, magnet, 2 grocery bags and a hot watter bottle. wowza!


Its been a great couple days fitness wise! Spin yesterday completely kicked my ass. Even though I feel almost 100% back to health, apparently my lungs disagree, so spin was rough, but a great workout. I rushed from Spin to an hour Flow class which was fantastic. Between the two I burned around 800 calories :)  This morning I went to a longer Flow class and I have seriously never sweat so much in an 80 minute period in my life. Perhaps TMI, but I’m usually not much of a sweater, but holy crap.. I was a dripping mess today, it was awesome.

For New Years Day I have a Back & Core workout along with a HIIT session and a Flow class on the agenda. Great way to start 2010!

Oh yeah.. I finally got a bunch of the professional pictures from the NPC show.. there’s a ‘Photo Gallery‘ link under the ‘Fitness’ tab :)


I’ll just hit a couple of the highlights from the last couple days.

First, the cookies I made today! They’re Nutter Butter Chip. I got the recipe from Picky Palate and just made a few slight adjustments based on what I had in the house. Farewell holiday baking.. it’s been fun. I actually ended up using the very last of the butter, white sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, white flour and eggs making these. Apparently I planned my not-so-cleaning baking precisely..

And a couple oatmeal & yogurt masterpieces:

I was super hungry after Flow, and the following messy but delicious creation was concocted..

Triple Chocolate Protein Oats

  • 2/3 c Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze
  • 1/3 c Oats
  • 1/2 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder
  • 1 tbsp Chia Seeds
  • 1 tbsp Carob Powder (the 3rd “chocolate”)
  • 1/3 c Egg Whites (whipped in Magic Bullet & mixed in at the end)
  • 1 tbsp Raw Almond Butter (topped)

Cinnamon Roll Protein Yogurt (BSN Cinnamon Roll Protein Powder + Oikos Greek Yogurt) with Maple Apples

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. 2010 will be the best yet!!!


  1. I think those are great “resolutions” and goals. I think it’s important to be realistic. I have no doubt you’ll achieve those goals! Happy New Year to you!

  2. That oatmeal is like a chocolate over-load! (not a bad thing)

    I loved reading your goals and I hope you fulfill them. Btw, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find dates, I mean what guy wouldn’t want to date you, you are gorgeous! unless they are afraid you can bench press more than them :)

    happy new years!

  3. I read a lot about people hating resolutions too, but I tend to think that those are the people that don’t keep them. I love resolutions – a time of reflection to decide what you want and how to make it happened. Good luck this year! I’ll be in the same boat. I’ll be looking for a new job and figuring out how to fit competing in since I do want to do a few shows this year. Fantastic pics!!

  4. I am totally curious about your nutrition course…I’m off to google it!

    BTW…your triple chocolate oats look flipping awesome! Did I mention I’m carb cycling? 5 low carb days 2 high…God help me!

  5. Low carb diets are easily the best way to lose weight and get ripped. Obviosuly taking it to the extreme is never good and thats why carby cycling works so well.

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