Good, Bad, Ugly

Hi bloggies! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was.. uneventful, which is just fine with me :)

The lovely Lizzy gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award.. thank you so much :)

7 Things you probably didn’t know about me:

  1. I’m an only child. I have to admit I have a few of the symptoms :p
  2. I have a cat named Killer who acts more like a dog.. he even plays fetch. He’s traveled with me from Berkeley to Seattle to Baltimore to Texas to Phoenix. I’m, perhaps excessively, protective of him.
  3. If calories didn’t count and I had to pick only one thing to eat the rest of my life, it would be yogurt parfaits with lots of granola.
  4. I’m extremely uncertain if I ever want to have children, but if I do, my favorite names are those that could be either a guy’s or a girl’s.
  5. I’m glad the holidays are over. I feel a little grinchy for admitting that, but I get tired of the emphasis on food and material possessions.
  6. Yoga is maybe the only thing keeping me sane as I figure out this whole ‘building’ diet thing.. (further explanation later, sorry for the negative-nelly-ness).
  7. Lately I’ve been having a crazy urge to travel and have just been feeling overall restless… I believe the word is ‘wanderlust.’ Isn’t that a fantastic word?! I could be absolutely anywhere 7 months from now. That’s so exciting!

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I’ve been a cardio slacker.. I’ve been getting in a few spin classes a week and doing yoga most days, but I really need to get back into the running groove. Over the summer I got to a point where I almost enjoyed it, haha, yeah almost. But since my competitions I’ve hardly hit the treadmill at all and instead spoiled myself with only doing my favorite activities. Previously I’ve talked about the importance of finding what you like and sticking with that, but I think this is where working out for general health purposes, versus training for an event comes into play. I don’t think I’ll ever love running, I just get so darn bored, but it’s the best way to get in HIIT (and therefore fat burning cardio) and stamina training.

I know I’m just out of practice with it, and after a few weeks I’ll be back to where I was this summer.. actually craving a good sprint workout. But man, getting over that initial hurdle is no fun.


It’s good, it’s bad, it’s ugly. I’ll start with the ugly..


I have put on a tremendous amount of weight since my November shows, and although I haven’t been eating sparkling clean, I have been eating pretty healthy, so it’s frustrating. I don’t know exactly how much I’ve gained, because I’m not big on scale hopping, but I can feel it and see it, and I’m starting to get quite uncomfortable physically. I know I’m on track with nutrition when I’m hungry every couple hours and have few to no cravings. This has not been the case. I never anticipated it being so hard to “just eat healthy.” The proportion of protein/carbs/fat I’m suppose to be consuming is quite standard at this point, but I can’t seem to meet them. If I eat enough carbs, I don’t eat enough protein and visa versa.. not to mention my H20 consumption is pathetic on days I reach my carb goal. Even if I’m eating generally healthy by some unwritten rules, I haven’t been eating what my body really needs, and I know this based on my cravings. I’ve learned that I’m carb sensitive and do well on a relative high protein diet. But instead of responding to this and listening to those cravings, I’ve been eating what others deem “healthy.” Not good.

After my competitions, so many people asked me, “so, do you get to eat normal now?” To me, I suppose, “normal” meant not weighing all my food, not carrying a cooler with me everywhere and not being so specific with everything I consume. I wanted to be like many of the ‘healthy living/food’ bloggers I’ve seen and just throw a tablespoon of peanut butter and chocolate chips on my oatmeal, or have impressive lunches like this. But the truth is, my exercise habits and fitness goals aren’t normal, and I can’t pretend otherwise and can’t have it both ways. It’s taken me a month to figure that one out.. haha, yeah I’m a little slow :p So adjustments will be made.


Goodbye nut butters, it’s been lovely while it lasted; my taste buds will be disappointed, however my waistline and body fat % rejoice. Yeah, it’s true, nut butters have been booted. I actually rarely ate nut butters before getting into fitness, so who knows why I became so obsessed with eating them with practically ever meal after the competitions, but I think they’ve taken their toll. So my fats will be coming mainly from omega, coconut and olive oil, along with avocado, and limited portions of plain nuts.

If I’ve learned nothing else about fitness nutrition and dieting, it’s that every person is different, and it really is all about trial and error. So we can throw consuming nut butters on a regular basis into the error category. But please don’t get me wrong.. I think they’re great and healthy and when someday I’m not training for such a specific goal they will be a fantastic part of my daily diet.. but just not now.


Yesterday I got a box in the mail from my mom with a few of the items I couldn’t fit in my suitcase. Included were a couple culinary tool treats: my new table set and a crockpot! Of course the first thing I had to test out in the crockpot was Steel Cut Oats! I used Angela’s recipe but substituted pumpkin (you’re shocked right :p ) for the banana and apple. By the time it was finished it was around 5:30pm and I wasn’t in the mood for oats, but I’m excited to try them tomorrow!

Protein Fun

Breakfast was a 1/2 fail.. tasted good, looked a mess. I attempted Kabocha Protein Pancake by pureeing 80 g of Kabocha slices with 2 tbsp Cottage Cheese, then mixed in 1 scoop Protein Powder, 3 tbsp Egg Whites, Spices, 2 tbsp UVAB, 2 tbsp H20 and Spices. Flavor was great but I must have had the heat too high because it overcooked the sides but still wasn’t done in the middle. ah well.. I topped it with WF Maple Syrup and ~1.5 tbsp TJ Omega Trail Mix. Tasted great!

Today’s snacks were protein filled and tasty! First, there was a fantastic Pumpkin Cookie Protein Shake with a TJ’s Blueberry Fiber Cake sprinkled on top. Oh, and check out my new bowl :)

Pumpkin Cookie Protein Shake

1 scoop Cake Batter Protein Powder

1 oz Firm Tofu

1/2 c cold Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea

1/4 c UVAB

1/4 c Pumpkin

1 Ice Cube (because that’s all that was left)

Blend & enjoy!

Later I had Chocolate Protein Yogurt topped with Maple Apples (the other new bowl.. this picture doesn’t do it justice, I’ll do better next time).

What am I eating?

So I started adding Chia Seeds &/or Wheat Germ to my oatmeal, but then I realized I wasn’t sure why. I’d seen other people do it, and of course I’ve heard of both of these and knew they were considered to be healthy, but I didn’t know the real ‘why’ behind why they were healthy and how they were potentially benefiting me. So I did a little research..

Wheat Germ: Sources of essential nutrients including Vitamin B & E, Fiber, Iron, Folic Acid, Potassium, Omega 3 fatty acids, and on. Vitamin E is an antioxidant said to protect against free radicals, while Omega 3s promote heart health. (Nutrition Suite 101)

Chia Seeds: Great source of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Hydrophilic seed that potentially slows conversion of complex carbs to simple sugars. (Dr. Weil)

Sugar-Free Challenge Check-In

So far so great.. it’s only been 3 days after all :p If you missed my Sugar-Hatin’ Post, I’m giving myself extra incentive to avoid sugar by taking on the 30 Sugar-Free Days Challenge which was also featured on Zen to Fitness.


Lulu Love

Just another reason to love Lululemon. This is a great little tool designed to help you set and follow your goals: GoalTender

Organically Worth It?

Dr. Weil, who is a guest lecturer at IIN, offers these helpful lists:

12 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic

12  Foods You Don’t Have to By Organic

I leave you with this.. Killer assumes his blogging position :)

I’m off to find more clean crockpot recipes :) Have a wonderful 1st Monday of 2010!


  1. Alyson,

    You’re so much fun to read! I’m interested in hearing more about your eating habits, specifically your day-to-day foods for max fat burn. I’m tweaking my diet again, going back to David Zinczenko’s formula (he’s the editor of Men’s Health and author of the Abs Diet) to see if I can carve out some additional sugars/carbs and unnecessaries. But, you’re the one with the figure and the soon-to-be nutritional knowledge from IIN, so I’d love to pick your brain. In the meantime, keep the posts comin’ cuz they’re entertaining as all get out (yes, I said all get out and not “as hell.” I don’t know why.).

  2. Thanks for the award, it’s an honour to be part of such a lovely company! I’ll try to work out how this award thing works once I submit my month’s end reports.. the joy of being back at work! :-) I love your cat Killer! Isn’t it funny how tom cats prefer to be treated like dogs? Our cat is the same!

  3. It’s amazing how hard it is to take off and how fast it comes back on…even eating healthy. We just have to remember we can’t be stage ready all the time. 10 lbs above is the norm…i’m shooting for 6 😉

  4. I am sooo with you on the running thing. During the sprint and summer, my husband and I started running together on the weekends outside. HUGE difference. So much better than the dreadmill. So now that the weather is crap, I am not running more than 6 or 7 miles a week tops b/c I simply cannot stand being on the treadmill for more than 20 mins at a time unless I’m doing HIIT drills.

    Thanks for the award! I was tapped a few weeks back and I think I tapped you in that one. And I’m glad the holidays are over too, with the exception of not having any days off now!

    • Well thanks :) I’m sorry if I missed it, I got behind on my reader over the holidays. I really should give running outside another chance, especially being that the weather here is perfect for it 9 months out of the year.. I really have no excuses!

  5. I have been doing spinning bike HIIT and I’m loving it. I mix it up…sometimes I’ll do 30/30 other times 40/20 and other times 15/15.

    Thank you for the award! You are indeed a beautiful blogger! I love reading people who eat and train and think a lot like me.

    • Ohh great idea, I’m jumping on that bandwagon! I’ve actually been on a mission to find spin shoes (went to 3 stores Saturday). I strongly prefer spin to treadmill anyway, so why not make it my HIIT?!

  6. Boy, I could have written most of this post. This is where I am too. Except I’ve been doing a lot of cardio and not a lot of lifting and the cardio is on the stuff I like, classes and spinning, maybe the stepmill. I won’t get on the treadmill. I hate it. I think my first competition prep scarred me for life, so I don’t get on it unless I absolutely must. After my first 2 comps, I also eliminated the nutter butters. I can’t have them around. They put weight on me. I also can’t have any breads, I eat them all, no matter where I put them (freezer included). The only thing that seems to work is to continue dieting like I’m on competition prep – which means weighing food, eating tons of veggies and packing all my meals. It’s still a pain, but you don’t want to get out of the mindset that this is only for competition prep. It’s actually a great habit to continue -just add in a little more food, carbs, and other items that you don’t normally get on comp prep, but try to stay in the same mindset. You get used to it and it doesn’t seem hard after awhile. A pain in the azz, yes, but not terrible. Good luck!

  7. Brandy Craddock /

    I agree with #5 of your things about you. I feel the same way about the holidays. Packed on the pounds over them too, I’m soooo disappointed in myself. However, cutting phase starts today, I’m busy measuring and pre-cooking stuff, getting organized, charts and graphs and means of bodily measurements all over the place LOL! Yeah, love nut butters, but not a part of my diet, been good with the no sugar since yesterday, trying to get serious about the cutting. Totally LOVE my crockpot, can get the ingredients ready the night before, dump it all in in the morning and turn it on. When I get home, dinner is ready! It’s like having a maid come in and cook for you while you’re out! Best of luck in your new years plans!

  8. Just found your blog from Gina’s :)

    I totally agree with you about being glad the holidays are over. I’d be fine with not going back to work though- my body is just so ready to eat healthy again and get more sleep!

  9. This is a great post!!

    I agree and I avoid sugar….I think it is very bad for you as it is the highest acid “food” you can have!

    H2O is super important love, get on it!!

    Lol, I wish I was a healthy blogger that could eat oats and chocolate chips….I tend to lean more to salads. I have OCD with my veg and if I don’t have a certain amount I freak! LOL!

    Have a great day love!!


    • I’ve been ready a bunch of new (to me) dietary theories for my IIN coursework and it’s funny how the oldest theories based on religion & spirituality all put sugar in the ‘bad’ category in some different way. So how come we, as society, never seem to get the picture?(including myself, haha)

  10. It’s so neat to read about what others are thinking, doing, eating and what works best for them. Nutrition is a great base for a healthy life, but what that means for each person can be very different with what works best for them :) mmm that pancake sure does sound tasty. And Killer sounds like quite the character :)
    So glad you got a crock-pot too! Can’t wait to see what else you find. Those oats sound wonderful!

  11. Also it is good to know that you need a great motivation for doing a good workout for abs routine.

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