Rainbow Plate = Happy Tummy

What a Monday! My roommates are currently celebrating ‘Margarita Monday’ and I am seriously tempted to partake in the festivities. Today was a busy one. Started with 8am class (my last class!), which far surpassed my expectations. Then it was off to PT, home for lunch, then back to school for meetings that went to 6pm. I brought workout clothes with me to school, but after the meetings, food was the only thing on my mind. So today became my full rest day of the week. Today it set in how much is going on this month! With my master’s program winding down, I have a few big projects, proposals & presentations this month. The good news is that they’re all on topics very interesting to me, so I’m thankful & excited.. it’ll just be a busy one!


Looking forward to tomorrow! I’m either going to hike Camelback or go to Spin class, depending on the weather and how I feel… though right now a good sweaty hike sounds perfect. In the afternoon I’m working Legs with my trainer (my fave!).


After my first breakfast attempt failed (attempted to make Creamy Oats in a new way), I ended up going with a quick & easy favorite.. PB Protein Yogurt (3/4 c plain Greek Yogurt + 1 scoop PB Protein Powder) topped with Vanilla Almond Galaxy Granola..

I must have been in a Peanut Butter mood today because lunch was Kabocha PB Protein Shake (75 g frozen Kabocha + 1 scoop Cake Batter Protein Powder + 1 tbsp natural PB + 1 tbsp Nutritional Yeast + 1/2 tsp Xantham Gum + 1 c UVAB). Love this, so rich and filling!

At school I snack on 2/3 c Cottage Cheese mixed with 1 tbsp Vanilla Chi Vega and 1/2 tbsp Chia Seeds..

Dinner wasn’t anything new, just trying to use up leftovers. I had a piece of Kabocha Quinoa Casserole, a TJ’s Chicken Apple Sausage & 1/4 c Edamame.

Colorful Plate = Happy Tummy

As I was taking a picture of my delightful dinner, seeing the well balanced & healthy Veggies, Protein & Carbs made me reflect on how I use to eat. I’ve never eaten particularly unhealthy and have been conscious of nutrition since I was young (probably too young, but that’s another story involving the perfectionist gymnast I once was), but I always ate very unbalanced. I didn’t eat Salads until after college and never paid much attention to carb-protein ratio. During college, instead of having a slice of Casserole balanced out with other items, I would have had 3 slices of Casserole then wondered why I wasn’t satisfied, but would still feel guilty for eating too much. Over the last couple years, making the effort to balance each meal has made all the difference in how I eat, how much I enjoy my meals, and avoiding overeating. Even now days, when I do find myself overeating or not feeling satiated, when I stop and reflect, I usually find that my Colorful Macro selection scale has gone off balance. The smallest adjustment, like adding a side salad, makes all the difference towards getting me back on track.

I realize that balancing most meals seems like a¬†completely¬†obvious nutritional need, but once you get into a habit of eating a certain way, it certainly takes a conscious effort to make even small adjustments. And of course there’s the ‘I know what to do and just don’t do it,’ issue. I fell into this second category, because in all fairness to my parents, I was raised better. Up through high school, we sat down to dinner together every night, even when I was getting home from gymnastics at 9pm. At each meal there was a vegetable, a protein and a carb. Even then, I often skipped the vegetables because I hadn’t yet acquired a taste for them. Once in college I ate what I liked, much of which included packaged foods such as frozen Lean Cuisines & Healthy Choice, deli meats, snack bars, and boxed pastas. At the time it either didn’t occur to me or I was too stubborn (probably the later knowing me) to keep trying vegetables.

It still makes me laugh that what finally got me to try, eat & enjoy vegetables was taking all my other foods away :p


Great post from Gina of The Candid RD on Sweeteners

OpenSky cutie Red Bowl promotion, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, going on now!

Ok time to get some work done.. think I’ll resist the Margs :) ..

Oh, I almost forgot! I have a ton of cooked Quinoa left from the casserole. Any favorite recipes I should try?

How’s March looking for all of you?


  1. THOSE are great words about eating healthy/nutritious! i LOVE the way you eat now!! did you have to eat a lot more to gain muscle? ahh im trying so hard to gain muscles!

    • Alyson
      Twitter: NourishedFit

      Not really. I’ve always been pretty muscular from genetics & a gymnastics background. So when I decided to compete in fitness last year I started lifting heavy and eating enough to keep those muscles, but at the same time my body fat slowly went down. I was/am suppose to be building right now for my next competition, but you’re right, it’s so hard to eat that much, I really struggled with that.

  2. I love those TJ chicken apple sausages!

    Margarita Monday. Sounds like a bandwagon I need to get on!

    I completely know what you mean about consciously balancing your meals. It takes a little getting used to, but once you make it a habit, it becomes second nature!

  3. YAY for the vegetables!! As for quinoa recipes – just think along the lines of anything you’d do with rice. You can also make it like an oatmeal for breakfast. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’d imagine it be tasty.

  4. That lunch sounds perfect to me! Do you chop up the kabocha and then roast it?

    And I’m totally with you on the balanced meals! When I was a freshman in high school I used to eat cereal for breakfast and then bring a bag of pretzels to eat for a snack. All I was eating was carbs.. and I was always hungry!

  5. So exciting to read abut your schooling & all you are learning! I wish I knew way back when what I know now & my college years might have been different! :-)

    I so ate the wrong way when I was younger & losing the weight. It took me years to do it right, At least you learned earlier than me!

  6. Your kabocha protein shake sounds so intriguing!

  7. Ok, I’m a kabocha noob. Are you talking about kabocha squash? I think I have two of them sitting on my counter (mystery squash from the organic box) and I have no clue what to do with them. I like the concept of turning them into a shake! Any other ideas?

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