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And another week is flying by..


So I was thinking today.. thank goodness I like weight lifting and am not obsessed with becoming a bad ass marathon runner because my body is clearly made to add muscle and not for being lean and conditioned for distance. Now of course I believe you can train and improve at anything, but there are some things that just come more naturally than others. I think my attraction to weight lifting and fitness is related to the fact that it’s something that works well with my history and genetics. Whereas if I suddenly decided my goal in life was to play in the WNBA or run in a marathon next year, I fear my hopes & dreams may be crushed rather quickly. I also wonder if this all would have been the same if I’d never done gymnastics.. I haven’t done gymnastics for 7 years, but I still get asked about it, and the body type never really goes away. But did I do well in gymnastics because of my body type and genetics or did gymnastics influence my body type. I think it certainly helped to establish muscle mass and muscle memory at a young age (I did it for 12 years), that never really goes away.

What are your thoughts? What attracts you to certain sports or athletic activities over others?

Mid-Week Check-In

Today was check-in and leg day with the trainer. I almost asked him not to measure me after last weekend’s “fun,” but I figured I’d use it as  motivation if the news was bad (I think I might have said that last week too, woops). But turns out my body fat % caliper measurement went down again, though I don’t know about weight because I forgot to do that this morning. So at least I wasn’t upset about the whole thing.

USAs x2 ?

And in other good news, it looks like I’ll be at least going to NPC USAs in Vegas the last weekend of July, and there’s a possibility I might compete. I was thinking about going anyway to help out all the STS girls competing, and Vegas is such an easy trip from Arizona. But talking with my trainer today, we discussed the possibility of me starting to diet down a little earlier than originally planned, and see where I’m at come end of July. Unfortunately, this show doesn’t have Fitness, but I really like the idea of getting my jitters out on stage, in Figure, before I’m out at Jr. USAs in Houston for Fitness in August. I’m really excited about the possibility because I’ve made some good gains in muscle mass, and now I’m ready to tone it down and see how it turns out.


Breakfast was a delightful Berry Protein Shake (1/2 packet Vega Smoothie Infusion, 1/2 scoop Cake Batter Protein Powder, 3/4 c frozen Mixed Berries, 1 tsp Bee Pollen, 1 tsp Glutamine, 1 tsp BCAAs, 3/4 c UVAB, Ice), topped with Goji Berries and Sunflower Seeds..

Late morning I devoured gracefully enjoyed a bowl of Yoats..

Post-workout I went with a Tropical Protein Shake for the quick digesting whey protein and quick carbs (1 scoop Cake Batter Protein Powder, 1 tsp Glutamine, 1 tsp BCAAs, 1/2 c fresh Pineapple, 1 tbsp Shredded Unsweetened Coconut)..

Another snack was Kabocha Protein Custard. I just mixed up fresh out of the oven Kabocha with 1 scoop Protein Powder in the Food Processor. It’s amazing how rich and sweet this comes out to be. Totally nature’s candy!..

Dinner was a repeat of last night’s “Nachos” but with Tilapia instead of Tofu..


I feel like a liar.. people who have only seen me at fitness competitions or from pictures on my blog, don’t recognize me in “regular” life. For example, last weekend I was meeting (exciting new related to this soon) someone who had only ever seen the blog photos, and they walked right past me. And even Averie mentioned being surprised when we first met. So since I actually had to put on something other than workout clothes today, I thought I’d snap a pic of what I look like most of the time.. and yes, I’m Irish in all my red hair and pale white skin glory.. And it totally didn’t occur to me to smile for some reason :p

Tomorrow I really have to figure out what I’m going to wear to the wedding on Saturday! I need to try on my various dresses to see if any fit in my current mass-added state. If not, an emergency shopping session is in order!

Make it a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Interesting question. I believe that genetics plays a role in how we can do things. I do believe that we CAN all do any sport we set our minds to – but the question of how WELL will be partly down to our genes, determination, diligence etc. I used to be a sprinter – if you put me in a marathon run, I will suffer and I won’t enjoy it. I never used to be able to run more than 1.5km at school – I used to puke my guts out whenever we had to run cross country school races. Over the years, I started training running and I actually learned to enjoy being outside and going for a run. I am not very good at long distance running but being competitive and all of that, I did manage to finish off 10km races under an hour – something I never though I would be capable of. My point: genetics is very powerful, but our will and determination can surprise everyone around us including ourself.
    Love that picture of you in that dress – very pretty!

  2. Averie has you posting pics of yourself too eh??!! LOL. That girl. Love that dress by the way and I am soooo going to have to try the Kabocha Protein Custard. YUM. And I do pretty much agree with you about body types being more apt for some sports/activities than others. Maybe that is why I loved ballet so much, I seemed to have been made for it. I am very thin, petite and struggle to build muscle. That being said, maybe that’s why I keep lifting – I’m determined darn it!!! My sister, on the other hand, can look at her weights and out pops a perfect bicep.

  3. Tiffany /

    Great dress, you should wear that one, you look fabulous!

  4. I’m not sure if my body is necessarily meant to do weight lifting.. I don’t think it’s in my genetics! But I do love it.. and my body hates running so I think I”ll stick with the weights! LOL!

    And you look gorgeous in that dress!

  5. i think you look beautiful!!! love that dress! i have a wedding this weekend too…its my Boyfriends brother, i have the dress and everything but still dont know how it will all come together!

    competing in july!?! I say YES!!

  6. Love that “regular” pic of you!! You rock the workout clothes AND dress perfectly 😉

    Verrry interesting thoughts on whether our bodies are meant for certain sports! I love weight lifting, but I don’t think my body is meant for it. That’s actually partly why I do it so much! I have naturally scrawny limbs and it’s really hard for me to put mass on, and equally hard to build strength. But I’m still plugging away :) I think I’m better built for low impact endurance like swimming. When I was training for my triathlon, I felt like everything “clicked” in the pool. If I worked at it (and had access to a pool!) I bet it’s something I could be good at :)

  7. cute dress! i am all about people photos :) and “devoured” is totally the correct term when dealing with yoats!

  8. Love the dress pic! You look great!

    That is pretty cool about Vegas! It certainly would be a good dry run at things…

  9. Hottie!!!!! Love that you posted the dress pic! First of all, you look like a lady, classy, beautiful, lovely. Then, I walk into Scott’s office today and see that badass pic of you on stage from the show and I’m like she’s unbelieveable!!! You are the BEST of both worlds. Love it! And that you’re posting “real” pics. Not just food. I see that Heather Commented and yes, I tell her the same thing too :)

    As for Scott, saw him today too! Apparently there is a small show here maybe in late June… I am so game! I got there at noon today and he said you’re been a machine in there like 5 days this week and that you were there b4 i got there.

    I think all your show info is awesome and good to get the jitters out, do one, etc b4 your TX show. Vegas baby! do it!


  10. Cute pic!! You look beautiful! And are full proof that girls can be strong and still feminine :)
    I think genetics and body type play a huge role. Sports and fitness can definitely add shape or tone, but it has to work with what you’ve got. For example, I was a competitive gymnast for about 10 years too, but I NEVER had the gymnasts body lol. It was ironic actually. I danced too, and have the ultimate ballerina’s body. I think I probably would have been better at that, had I pursued it, but I’m also stubborn and when I want something I do it. So I was the 5’9 lanky gymnast. It probably did limit how far I could go in gymnastics, but that was ok with me, I just loved it. I was super strong and had a lot of muscle but you’ve never been able to see my muscle. I still look like a stick no matter what. My gymnastics pictures always looked funny. But it was to my advantage when I challenged the boys in school to arm wrestling matches and they’d laugh thinking I was kidding, then would be really upset when I won every time :p
    That’s great about Vegas! I hope you get to go, and remember that the numbers and all that might help you get somewhere but the most important thing is to make sure you’re having fun doing it !

  11. Brandy Craddock /

    I, like you am not a runner, have no interest in it and it just kills my joints every time I do it, so its not for me. If however I was decidedly focused to become a runner, then I imagine that I would just get past the pain and hope it would eventually not happen any more. I am not sure what sport my body was meant for, however I was thinking about the same question you ask here a couple of days ago…what sports am I attracted to and my one resounding answer is “individual”, I don’t like team sports as I am lousy at catching, throwing and don’t want to let the team down. I can let myself down and then give myself a good berating over it and its o.k. This is why sports where I can be an individual such as weight training, hiking, kickboxing all interest me. The only person I’m going to let down is me and I can usually change “me’s” attitude pretty quickly when things go wrong.


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