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Hi all! How’s was your weekend?!

I must admit.. I was pretty darn boring :roll: .. the highlight was finding a great, fun Spin class. I found a workout buddy here in Austin who has inspired me to get back into taking fitness classes. I’d fallen off the wagon for a bit, but last week we took a Spin class together, and it was such a great reminder of how much I like Spin, and how it is 1000x better than boring ole machine cardio.

I’d also like to introduce..

I already introduced you to Boomer.. but during my blog hiatus I welcomed another member to the family..

hehehe.. I finally sucked it up and bought a VitaMix. And I’ll admit, everything they say is true.. it’s amazing and worth every penny!

Currently Loving..

Just wanted to pass on a few of the awesome things I’m currently loving..

Vegan Proteins+

Genuine Health’s Vegan Proteins, Protein Powder. I’ve been obsessed with Vega Sport for a while now, but there’s one big problem, it is SO expensive! So I’ve started trying other products looking for a good replacement for my beloved Green Protein Smoothie. Well this is a winner for sure! I haven’t tried in in a plain shake, but it’s perfect for blending in a green smoothie. It’s slightly sweetened with Stevia and not grainy at all!

And it also went perfectly in this yummy..

Carrot Cake Smoothie

(adapted from Angela’s recipe)

3/4 c Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

3/4 c chopped Carrots

1/2 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (I used Vegan Proteins +)

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

dash Cinnamon

1.5 c Ice

Blend. Enjoy

SkinnyGirl Margaritas

From Vegan protein powder to SkinnyGirl margaritas.. ya’ll know I like to keep a balance ;-) I’ve been dying to try Betheny’s SkinnyGirl Margaritas, but only just found it here in Austin (ok, I hadn’t really been looking hard, but when when I saw it, I snapped it up). And the verdict.. good, but.. Naturally I could leave it as is, so I added a little Sugar-Free Strawberry Syrup a bunch of ice, gave it a whirl in the VitaMix and what can I say.. danger! Oh so good, these can sneak up on you!


You should definitely click over to my girl Anja’s Blog! She just start the blog recently and is an Herbalife health coach. Anja was my roommate in college, and is seriously one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met when it comes to Fitness. She was teaching Kickboxing at our school’s rec center long before I knew what HIIT was or ever dreamed of attending a Spin class. On top of all that, she’s really just an amazing person.

So what are you loving right now?



  1. Since I finally scheduled my photo shoot and started today with “clean eating” I’m currently loving almonds and almond butter. I could eat almond butter by the spoonful! 😀

  2. OMG, I know Anja. I graduated from Cal in 2005 and I knew her in school! What a small world!

    • Alyson
      Twitter: NourishedFit

      haha, too funny! What was your major? I graduated in 06 in Public Health.

      • i was women’s studies w/ a minor in theater. i’m pretty sure i had anja in my theater classes. she was also friends w/ some girls in my sorority (tri-delt). you might have know some of the girls, too ’cause they worked w/ the football team.

  3. oh i’m so caught up on your life! i feel like you’ve come so far and made so many awesome changes :) yay for you! i’d love to see if you’ve got any fun recipes lurking out there :) glad you’re finding moderation in everything and things that you love!

  4. Currently I am loving… sleep, elliptical trainer, blender, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, eggs, salmon belly, unagi, salmon skin & hamachi collars! ha ha – oh wait, I have been “currently” loving these things for the past like 4 years! ha ha.

  5. oooo! things im loving right now are lifting, almond butter, my vita mix and my bike. oh the simple joys in life, right? That carrot cake shake sounds super yummy!

  6. OH YUM that protein looks so good!!

    well I wish I was loving more, but 10 days out the diet is pretty well…bland…lots of plain things, mrs dash etc etc

    I am loving lean ground beef though! YUM

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