Fitting it in & Sleep Chat!

Hi all! How are you!

I’ve been wonderful, crazy busy, but good.

Work has been the busiest since I started, I’ve been working long hours and a lot of weekends, but it made me realize more than ever how important getting in my regular workouts and sticking with my meal plan is. There are NO EXCUSES! I’ve noticed this before, but I know that getting in really strong workouts and getting to yoga is what allows me to be my most productive and creative at work. Not only that, it helps me to sleep better instead of tossing & turning all night while stressing about everything that needs to get done.

Reminding myself of this is what got me off my butt on the couch and to the gym a couple times this week.. well that and the motivation of CSF girls.. especially my workout buddy and roommate!

I’m getting it all in! This last week I felt like I really started getting into the swing of regular weights and cardio, while also getting in the yoga I need (yes I said need 😎 ). I got in all 5 weight training days, 5 cardio sessions (2 hour Spin classes, 1 Treadmill HIIT and 2 ADD cardio), and 4 yoga classes! Simply feeling great :-) I’ve been getting it in with a schedule like this:

Monday: AM Spin and Upper Body, maybe PM Yoga

Tuesday: Lower Body and SS Cardio (AM or PM depends), PM Yoga

Wednesday: AM Spin and Upper Body

Thursday: Yoga or Rest

Friday: Lower, SS Cardio

Saturday: Upper Body, HIIT Cardio, Yoga

Sunday: Yoga or Rest

Can’t say I have too much new to report. Thank goodness for epic prep days, because having a bunch of frozen meals from previous prep weekends is what saved me the last couple weeks. I haven’t had time to spend choosing fun new recipes and all day cooking, but I made enough thisthis and this weekend, that I had freezer leftovers.

This weekend I went the speedy prep route by mixing up batches of:

  • Protein Pancakes
  • Spinach Bars
  • Mexi-cauli Salad (I need to post this recipe this week because I’m a little obsessed!)
  • Chicken Breast
  • Lean Ground Turkey
  • Roasted Butternut & Kabocha Squash
So all set for the week, just have to mix & match based on what sounds good that day!
I will share this combination I’m currently loving.. and will come as no surprise to long-time blog readers: Kabocha topped with Almond Butter and Goat’s Milk Yogurt.. so good, healthy and filling!

Back in August, Sleep Number Beds contacted me asking if I’d like to try and review their bed. Before giving the obvious answer.. I have to tell you..

Last year when I moved to Texas.. yup September 2010, my beautiful (& expensive) pillow top mattress did not arrive safely. The pillow-portion got smooched from being on its side for too long, and no matter how hard I tried, I was stuck with a big lump down the middle of the bed. Well being that it was a queen size bed and I’m a single, not particularly large, person who sleeps within arms-reach of the alarm clock, the bed bump wasn’t really an issue, but also not cool.

So anyways, naturally, I said “absolutely!” to Sleep Number’s kind offer.

I had the bed delivered to my new house, and it took 2 nights before I completely fell in love with it! I seriously have never slept so well.. every night. It couldn’t have come at a better time, because as I’m getting back into consistent weight and cardio workouts, I’m sore all the time, and we all know how important good sleep is to reaching your fitness goals!

So when Sleep Number asked if I would like to host a Sleep Chat, it was another easy ‘yes.’ I don’t review a lot of products, because I always feel bad if I don’t like what they sent me for free, and don’t want to write anything bad. But in this case I’m more than happy to speak for them, recommend their beds and chat about how important good sleep is in order to get the very most out of your workouts and be your healthiest!

So if you’re free Tuesday night (and want to win a free bed!), please join me, @SleepNumberSara and @SleepGeekPete for a Twitter & Facebook chat about the Health Triangle: Fitness, Nutrition and of course Sleep!

Sleep Number Chat:

Tuesday, October 11th at 7-8pm (CST)

You can join the chat by:

1) Going to the Sleep Number Facebook page and clicking on the “Sleep Better Chat” link in the upper left corner. Log-in with a username and include #sleepnumber in all your comments.


2) On Twitter, by following @SleepNumberSara, @SleepGeekPete and Me (@NourishedFit). Remember to include the #sleepnumber hashtag in all your tweets. This will allow us to see your feedback during the discussion.

Hope to “see” you there!  :mrgreen:


  1. Your workout schedule is so similar to mine, except I haven’t gotten into Spin yet this fall. I need to though with winter slowly approaching. And like you, I NEED yoga. I’m a 3 times a week gal and it’s the perfect amount. Need to try that squash recipe. I’ve never had Goat’s Milk Yogurt….Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)

  2. girl you are KILLIN’ it on the yoga front! i can barely get myself to go once a month haha and you are doing so awesome at 4x a week! i’m pumped for you to post your mexicauli recipe!!

  3. um, send that sleep number review over here! i want to try! missed ya at yoga.

  4. all your eats sound so good!

  5. AMAZING workouts & keeping to it! YES TO THAT!!!!! My food also resembles yours! 😉

    I sure wish I could make that chat – have an obligation already cause my mattress is like 2 years old & I so need a new one! Send them my way if they want a review from a crazy workout person that is older! 😉

  6. Spinach bars! I have forgotten about them but used to make them all the time. Guess I know what I’ll be making soon. :)

    I’m in the market for a new mattress so thanks for the review!

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