All Good Things

.. and you know the rest.

I started this blog when I was getting ready for my first fitness competition back in October 2009. Wow, that seems a lot longer than 3 years ago!

As it tends to, life has taken a lot of unexpected turns, ups & downs and lessons learned since then, and I owe you all a huge thank you for following along and being so amazingly supportive through all of it.

But I’m not completely gone! Please find me over at for..

  • Posts (when the mood strikes) on anything from yoga, to social media, to fitness, favorite recipes, online community strategy, advocacy, women’s health, eating disorder awareness, pugs, etc, etc.
  • Or if you’re a blogger, health coach, yoga teacher or personal trainer in need of a new website design, browse my Website services¬†and Portfolio.

THANK YOU and of course NAMASTE  :mrgreen:




  1. we better still catch up soon then friend. xxoo

  2. I signed up over there – I love your journey!!! I wish I had learned to follow my heart when I was young – so glad you did!

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